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               Search Engines and directories in USA

  • +100hot Index of Most visited sites on the net with many categories
  • ++ Auctions-Online.net New directory for Online  Auctions
  • +++Altavista the biggest index on the net with more than 120 million pages in database.Also has translation service and can index your page in 1 or 2 days
  • +Aol search Search the Web trough Excite database
  • AlcanSeek  The search for Alaska & Canada
  • All4One  Operate 4 screens, 4 search engines at the same time
  • ClearingHouse The Internet's Premier Research Library 
  • +ComFind  The largest global business directory on the net
  • Cozy Cabin     Working on a "Cleaner" Place to search
  • Cyber411
  • Ct-Info:  Connecticut's On-Line Directory
  • Data-Bot:
  • ++DejaNews The biggest search database for newsgroups
  • DogPile Multiple search engine searching
  • Debriefing  Fast accurate metasearcher
  • +Ebig Directory maintained by encyclopedia Britannica
  • +++Excite Very cool search engine with many personalized options
  • ElectricMonk Answers to daily life questions
  • Femina Index of sites for  women
  • ForumOne The search engine for Web Forums.Search over 250.000 web forum discussions.
  • Findlink Categorical search/clean index
  • GalaxyTradewave he Web's Resources, Compiled for Professionals
  • Google search engine from Standford University,good relevancy results
  • ++Goto.comThis search engine used to be called WWW Worm,
    but was purchased by idealab! and renamed Goto in 1997. It's a robot -- all you have to do is enter your URL and keywords.
  • ++HotBot Among biggest search index worldwide, more than 50 millions pages in the index.Maintained by HotWired.
  • Highway61   A Experimental MetaSearch Engin
  • Hotlava this search engine is on sale.
  • ++InfoSeek Quality sites but small index database.Hard to get listed here.Do not index pages from free web space providers.Has good database of Web pages, complimented by a Select directory of sites to browse. They list you in 2 or 3 days.
  • Isleuth  If you know your subject, the Internet Sleuth can help you find the information you need. With the Sleuth, you can run searches on hundreds of Internet directories, covering everything from Agriculture to Veterinary Science.
  • Inferencefind Parallel web search trough many indexes
  • ++Infospace This is a great site. InfoSpace has over 112 million US and Canadian listings of people,government offices and businesses which include fax and toll-free numbers. They claim that their AccuMail is the largest and most accurate email directory in the world. InfoSpace services are now available on Lycos, Magellan and Excite.
  • Infohiway Surf-N-Search Probability Engin
  • I-explorer
  • ++Lycos  Guide to the Internet worldwide(also in many foreign languages.Use wisewire technology for the most relevant pages and you can also rate Lycos Guide pages daily.Hard to get listed here.
  • ++LookSmart  LookSmart is directory with over 150,000 Web site reviews. The best feature of LookSmart is an interface that uses cascading menus to show you where you're coming from and what your next options are. there's little to differentiate LookSmart  is maintained by Reader's Digest.
  • LinkStar  Business Directory
  • Linkmaster Good presentation, loads in frames, good search  function.
  • +Matilda: Big database with many options for worldwide searching.
  • Mckinley -Magellan offers editorial comments
  • MetaCrawler
  • MetaFind
  • MetaSearch
  • Mcp
  • ++Mining Company A quality web site database with human review.
  • Mmama A metasearch engines.
  • Mojoe
  • MusicSearch Find your favorite music topic on the net.
  • Nerdworld   Search Engine  with Subject Index, BulletinBoards, and Assembly possibilities. It's a nerd's paradise on the Web, but even a gearhead needs a little help finding things sometimes. This subject index divides the sum of all knowledge into 24 topics, from the specific ("sports") to the conceptual ("world").
  • Netguide Helps you do more on the Internet
  • Netsearcher The Search Engine for Internet Professionals
  • ++Netscape Many different databases for searching from this point from Lycos,Excite...
  • ++NewHoo An experimental directory  with volunteers who  work to keep database updated daily.Looks for more volunteers :-)
  • ++NorthernLight This is an absolutely outstanding new search engine that uses a robot called Gulliver. All you have to do is enter your URL. We have found it to be one of the most useful search engines on the 'Net from the user's  point of view.
  • One-blink
  • OpenText
  • Pointcom
  • ++PlanetSearch customized interface technology: no matter what equipment you've got, you'll get "Your Web. Your Way!"
  • PersonalSeek Find personals on the net
  • One-and-only.net  Personals Singles personals
  • Reference.com  Web forum/News group/Mailing list Search
  • RexSkyline The Internet Resource Exchange
  • +Savy Search  Multi-Lingual----Promoting Internet use in non US countries!
  • Scrub the Web
  • Search Hawwai Can't find something Hawwai oriented ?Try here.
  • +Stpt 70 search tools are available with this meta-searcher plus a
    directory of the "best" websites
  • Snoopie
  • ++Snap Maintaied by C|Net, is a human review directory like  Yahoo and LookSmart and currently has about 200,000 sites listed (they also use the Inktom search engine to help users find sites that aren't listed in the Snap database). NBC  bought a big piece of Snap.
  • SuperSnooper
  • SearchKing : Promising the most relevant keyword searches possible
  • Tile.net The Comprehensive Internet Reference for Usenet,Ftp...
  • +Usaol Busy site with all USA categories
  • Vets h: The web's only search engine dedicated to military and veteransites!
  • ++Webcrawler  First full-text search service available on
  • Webdirectory  Environmental index
  • Websearch You can create your very own searchable directory with software from Websearch!
  • WWWomen women stuff index
  • +++Yahoo The most busy directory on the web with more  than 50 editors who update this index.The best relevancy results here.
  • YahooLigans web directory for kids
  • ZenSearch Only quality sites are listed

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